Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marlee's Fieldtrip

Last Monday Marlee's kindergarten class had their first field trip. They went to the Ogden Nature Center, and I was lucky enough to tag along. A brief bit of history: When I was little, my dad taught 2nd grade. Every spring he would have a field trip to the Nature Center. I was excited to be able to go with Marlee to the same place I have such fond memories of going to with my Dad!!This was Marlee's first bus ride. She had a bit of anxiety over it. Poor thing. And she decided it wasn't cool for her Mom to sit by her. So, she sat in the front, and I had to sit in the back with another Mom who had been "dumped". Once we got to the Nature Center, one of Marlee's little friends told me she had cried the entire way there. She said she was scared to be on the bus.Here's half of her cute little class. It was a very cold day, and the wind was blowing. Luckily we got to go inside for awhile and wait for it to warm up, while we learned a little bit about Native Americans.This is Marlee at the food station. She was trying to crush a corn kernel with a rock. They cooked cornmeal patties over an outside fire. Most of the kids thought they tasted great, Marlee thought it was awful!!
There were 3 turkeys: Tom, Tommy, and Thomas. They kept following us around. This one, we'll call him Tom, walked right up to me. All the kids were amazed he got that close to me. Turkeys sure are ugly birds!!
The Nature Center has some beautiful trails to walk around on. You can see Marlee holding hands with cute little Jenna from our ward.
The highlight/favorite part of the field trip (besides the bus ride) was the Tipi (teepee). Marlee was totally fascinated by it!!
You can tell how intently she's listening to the rules about being able to go and sit inside the tipi. It was very serious/sacred stuff! She did not want to do anything wrong.
Oh, and the ride home was a success. She decided it would be okay if I sat with her. There were no tears, and she actually enjoyed it!! (cute little Brooklyn had fun sitting with us too!)
And one last picture of my favorite part of the field trip (that and all the things I learned I can make with rose berries, juniper bark, and a willow tree branch - ha ha)


Shannon said...

I've also been "dumped" on a bus. It's sad when they're like that already and they're only in Kindergarten. Looks like a fun day!

Summer said...

What a fun trip!