Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's been awhile since I've done an update on Elijah. Here's a really quick one. He loves to :Suck on any knob he can find. Particularly the drawer handles in the kitchen, or in this picture the button knobs on the fridge.

He loves to :

Put bowls on his head. His sister showed him this, and when he saw the reaction he can get from his brothers (they laugh and laugh), he wore it around for quite some time.

He also loves to :Pull the ribbon out of my "craft box". This happens a couple of times a day.
And finally a somewhat close up, sorry it's blurry. He always moves right as I take the picture.


rick said...

he looks sooo maori! Bonza!!!! :)

Celeste said...

Ha Ha! I have such similar pictures of Megan- including the clear Tupperware bowl on the head. It does have a way of making brothers laugh!

Josh said...

oh, so now it's funny when Elijah puts bowls on his own head??

I don't remember you finding it funny when Marlee had a fishbowl put on her head at a young age.

The Ormsby's said...

Dear Josh,

a plastic bowl is a lot safer than a glass fish bowl. He's also old enough to hold up his head, Marlee was still "floppy"

ha ha. How funny you remember that.