Thursday, February 28, 2008

My baby boy(s)

I love that Elijah is smiling!!

Elijah is doing well. I took him to the doctor yesterday. He has an umbilical hernia. It's ugly, but okay for now. He's still putting on weight, and now weighs 9 lbs. 3 oz. When he sleeps, he hates to be swaddled (a first for our kids), and loves to have his hands by his face. We are not blessing him this weekend, we'll wait till April. There's still too much flu and RSV going around.

I've been tagged!!

I was tagged, twice, forever ago. And, I’m finally getting around to it. So here they are. So sit back and enjoy . . .
What is your husband’s name? Nathan

How long have you been married? 8 years! WOW.
How long did you date? Interesting fact: 9 years ago this last weekend was when we started dating. We dated for 6 months, and were engaged for another 8 weeks. (Yes, you can plan a wedding in 8 weeks!)
How old is he? 31 coming up on 32 soon (old man)

Who eats more? About the same. I know, I should be eating much less than him. Maybe I’ll be better now that I’m not “eating for 2”.
Who said “I LOVE YOU” first? I did. But, I remember exactly where I was standing, and what cement column I was staring at when he finally told me. (We were at the airport)
Who sings better? I’m not sure that one of us sings better than the other. I sing more often. I love catching him singing to himself.

Who is smarter? Nathan is very smart. And if he doesn’t know something, he’s very good at faking it. Me, not so much.
Whose temper is worse? I don’t think it’s a matter of who is worse. But, I do think he has more patience.
Who does the laundry? I do. But, Nathan did a great job for the few weeks I couldn’t do it after having Elijah!!

Who does the dishes? He does them quite often. I’m just not allowed to tell him how to do them. (We each have our own way of doing them. I think the dish must be wiped clean, and then put in the dishwasher. I know, I know it’s redundant, but I hate it when food gets baked on.)
Who mows the Lawn? Well, he did last summer because I was pregnant. But, I think I’ll do it a few times this summer. I really enjoy it.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? How do you determine the right side of the bed? Is it when you’re looking at it? Or is it when you’re on the bed? I’m crazy I know. (I use to get “stage right” and “stage left” confused over the same kind of thing.) ANYWAYS, he sleeps on the right side, looking at the bed.
Who pays the bills? He earns the money, and keeps our budget up to date. I do the actual paying of the bills.

Who cooks dinner? We both do. He’s a great cook, and really enjoys grilling in the summer. He really enjoys the presentation part of cooking.
Who is Taller? His 6’1” is taller than my 5’9”.

Who drives when you are together? If it’s a “family outing”, Nathan usually drives. But, we do trade off. I also drive at night. I hate doing it, but for some reason that’s when Nathan decides he does not want to drive anymore.
Who is more stubborn? We both can be pretty stubborn, but if you ask me, he defiantly is more stubborn!
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine. Unfortunately to see his parents we have to fly for 18 hours across the ocean. Bummer.
Who Kissed who first? He kissed me first.

Who proposed? Nathan did, on the beach in Cali.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? We both fess up to being wrong when we are, but Nathan is a lot quicker to forgive than I am.
Who has more siblings? Nathan has 2 full sisters, and 5 half sisters. Yup, that’s right, all sisters! No brothers. Lucky for him, he’s got 3 boys to raise. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. He wins.
Who wears the pants in the family? We trade off. I wear them Monday through Friday, and Nathan usually gets them on the weekends. What’s the saying in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, that the mom says? You let the man be the head, but you are the neck. lol. We joke about that one a lot.

The other TAG . . .

Ten years ago I was: I was attending Ricks College, trying to decide if I really wanted to be Majoring in Piano Pedagogy.

2. Five things on my 'to do' list today:
Take a nap.
Talk nicely to my kids.
Mop the floor.
Give everyone baths.

3. Things I would do if I became a billionaire: Pay off all of our debt. Build our dream house. Buy a car (or two – hey, we’d be rich). Share some of the wealth with family. Take breakfast to everyone standing outside in the cold, in line at the INS office. Go on an awesome shopping spree!! Oh, how the list could go on and on and on. . .

4. Three of my bad habits:
Biting my nails
eating chocolate
not talking nicely to my kids.

5. Five places I've lived:
South Weber
South Ogden (all in Utah)
Rexburg, Idaho.

6. Five jobs I've had:
Greeter at Toyota Tent Sales.
Sales Associate at ZCMI (Children’s Department).
Receptionist for a Graphic Design firm, and a Media production company.
Administrative Assistant for a Japanese company that sold air fresheners (Yes, it always smelled nice in the office)

7. Something most people don't know about me: Gee, I’m pretty much an open book. . . I broke my primary teacher’s glass coffee table at a class party when I was 10/11. It was dark, and we all ran in different directions to hide so we could scare Brother Allen when he came back into the room. I obviously ran in the wrong direction and stepped right into the middle of his glass table. I felt awful!! But he forgave me and later on gave me a ride to school one morning in his RED corvette!! He was awesome!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

1 Month

That's right folks, Elijah is now 1 month plus a few days old. (I know I'm a few days behind). He's growing like a weed, and finally is loosing his "chicken legs". He has is awake times in the morning from 9-11, and at night from 8-10. The kids get excited when they see him with his eyes open. He's starting to focus on things a little bit, and has discovered his voice. He's a very calm person, but those few moments that he gets mad, he's mad. The picture below is one of his mad times. I had to run into the other room for a minute, and came back to see Noah and Vance trying to figure out how to calm him down. Sweet huh?

Hello - Goodbye

R.I.P my dear friend
We've seen good hair days, and we've seen awful ones. But through it all, you have been there offering me your hot air.
About 6 years ago, my friend Jenn gave me her old back up hair dryer because mine broke. This little guy has kept on going for all those many years. Thank you Jenn, and thank you Revlon.
And now, a warm welcome to my new hair dryer. You have some big shoes to fill, but I'm sure you can do it. You have come well equipped . . . a diffuser for my daughter's curly hair, multiple speed and temperature settings, and (drum roll please) a retractable cord!! Welcome.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hugs and Kisses to Y'all

Happy Valentines Day!!
We LOVE you all!

(These are the three best out of 16 photos I took. It's not easy getting everyone to look in the same direction. From left to right : Vance, Marlee, Noah, and of course Elijah in the middle)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

funny things . .

Vance crying about his jacket being zipped up. But, I love his outfit that he picked out.
Marlee and Elijah
And Elijah, last night.

It's been awhile. Sorry. You'd think I've been busy or something.?! Here are a few funny little things that have been said around the house often this last week. . .

Vance: (anytime he hears Elijah cry, or make any sound) "OH! Terrible! Baby cry"

Noah: (referring to Elijah) "So wittle (little)." "Baby soft."
Noah: (while giving him an actual shower) "Stop Mom, it hurts!"

Marlee: (looking at Elijah) "I think I"m going to have to scream!"
Me: "Why?"
Marlee: "Because Elijah's so cute, I can't stand it!"
And yes, she has screamed for that reason alone.

We have had amazing snow this winter, and of course, most of the storms occur in South Ogden, and Layton. With the exception of just a few, every weekend since the first of December, has had a snow storm. And we average about 4 inches everytime (sometimes 9 inches). But, we haven't had a snow storm in almost a week now. (We are suppose to have one again tomorrow). And the temperature has gotten up to 49 degrees in the last 2 days. Nathan has spring fever. He's itchin' to do some yard work. I wonder if he remembers that in 2 months he'll have awful allergies, and 2 more months after that it'll be almost 100 degrees. :) And then we'll dream of cooler weather. The grass is always greeener.

Elijah's doing great! He sleeps good during the night, doesn't mind the crazy NOISE from his siblings, and eats like a champ. As of yesterday he weighs 7 lbs. 13 oz. He'll be nice a chubby soon enough. Sunday (Feb 10) was his actual due date, kinda funny to think that he's already been here 3 weeks. I'm doing good too. Recovery this time around has been alot easier. Just a couple more weeks, and I can be back to my good ol' self. I can't wait to start exercising again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Elijah's Blankie

My amazing friend Jen Jen made this awesome blanket for Elijah. I just wanted to show it off. THANKS Jen Jen!!

Cookie Monsters

We made some cookies today. Yum! We're all doing well. It's crazy here, but we're all happy. P.S. Vance is in the red, and Noah's in blue.