Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 17

It was beautiful outside, so we spent the afternoon at the "Castle Park".
Noah liked the tires. Even after he fell down them. (They are a vertical tunnel) Don't worry, he's okay.
Marlee's mastered the monkey bars, but we didn't get a photo of that. Dang it. And she was excited that she, "made some new girl-friends".
Van wanted to go to the zoo, but it looks to me like he was perfectly happy to be at the park.
Nothing says, "It's fall!!", like Mexican, I mean Canadian Geese flying over your head. (Long childhood story over the mix up of their name.)
Even the big kids had fun climbing and acting stupid!!
(Notice in this picture the lady behind and to the right of me, staring?!? She was jealous of my mad skills. Not really, she probably thought I was a total weirdo!!)
And Elijah had a great time inspecting all of the bark on the ground.


rick said...

it is true that you guys have mad skills! Very impressive! Looks like a fun day

The Ormsbys down under said...

what happened to the snow?? Crazy weather...but I love all the pics...great memories with family are made from simple moments shared. Thanks for sharing your simple moments. Love you guys.

Shannon said...

That is one of our favorite parks. The kids have been begging me to take them there all summer. You've inspired me to try and make it before the next snowstorm.

Summer said...

How fun!

jessica and travis said...

I love that you post pics everyday!
looks like you had fun, i think the woman is starring because she wishes she had the guts to have fun!

Rob and Melanie said...

Way fun!! I love that park!

Melissa said...

That is Lauren's favorite park. It looks like you guys had fun. Good thinking going there before the weather gets to cold. But I bet Lauren would still love it there even with all the snow on the ground, it's her mom that is to big a whimp to go outside during the winter time. Cute pictures.

Rodriguez Family said...

you guys have so many fun days to blog about! I know it's because you're supermom! so, I realized I spelled your name wrong on our blog...sorry, I'm slow and just realized it!

Celeste said...

These pictures are so funny! I love you climbing the rope. If I was there watching you- I'd be cheering you on, not staring!