Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 16

Wow, I'm really getting behind in my challenge. That's just sort of how I am these days. But, I promise to do better this weekend.
My pic for today is another "old" one. The boys are almost 1 in this picture.Noah - green, Vance - blue
So many people ask me how I survived Noah and Van when they were babies. My reply is always the same : Keep them on the same schedule, and do everything twice. It was hard and it was fun. It still is. Unfortunately quite a lot of their first year is a blur. It makes me sad that I don't remember much. But, I do remember that I never got tired of looking at them next to each other, being able to hold 2 babies at once, or watching them sleep in the same crib together. It was always amazing to see 2 babies together. I never got used to it, I still am shocked at times that there's two of them. It truly is a blessing to have twins. It's such a special circumstance to watch and be a part of. I believe that Noah and Vance were best friends in heaven. How lucky to be able to come to earth with your best friend!!?? I know they'll have moments when they hate being a twin, but I hope that most of the time, they'll realize just how special they are.


Shannon said...

I love those pictures of your boys. When I see them together, it makes me wish Tate was a twin. I guess that's easy to say when you don't really have them. :)

Jen Jenkins said...

Such cute pictures...they really are best friends aren't they!

The Ormsbys down under said...

What a beautiful sentiment, your writing was inspired. It brought tears to our eyes as we read of the special bond our grandsons have. Thanks for sharing such precious thoughts.