Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time to Give It a Try (AGAIN!)

Alright folks, here we go again.  Another attempt at blogging.  It's been quite awhile (a year and a half!), but I find myself thinking daily "I really should blog about this!!".  So, it must be time for me to give it a try again. 

In the last year and a half a LOT has changed.  Nathan took a new job at BYU.  Completely different job than he has had in the past.  He is now an advisor for the multicultural office.  He's loving it. 

With the job change, we needed to move.  A 3 hour daily commute was not fun for any of us.  So, we packed up and moved to Provo!  We are doing great here!  There are things, and so many dear friends and family, that we miss from South Ogden.  But we are in a great area, and have made some great friends!! 

We added child #5 to our tribe.  Carter.  We all love him to pieces.  He just started walking this week!  He is 11 months. 

Tonight is just a quick catch up.  I promise another post in the next couple days . . .

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

why awesome?

So, in my last post I had mentioned that Elijah keeps asking me how to spell "awesome". Honestly, it is a daily question. I finally realized today why he is determined to know how to spell "awesome" . . . he thinks it is the password to log onto the laptop! I must have told him, one of the million times he's asked me what the password was, that it was "awesome". Too funny!!

Everything else is going good. The other night I was up till 1, and had thought of some great things to blog about. Unfortunately I didn't write them down, so I don't have anything clever and witty to share. Oh well.

Noah has decided hat he LOVES soccer. He plays all the time (when it's not raining, or snowing, or cold). Lucky for him his twin brother likes to play too, so there's always someone to play opposite of. Oh, and Noah was crazy excited for the earthquake drill yesterday. Van's handwriting is still terrible! And by terrible, I mean, even he can't read his own handwriting. He can do it if he slows down, but getting him to slow down is the problem. Love that kid, but he's always thinking of what's next, not what's in front of him. Marlee finally has her own room again. She's in heaven. And she has another fieldtrip this week. Elijah is Elijah. He's just a happy kid. Except for last night when I threw out the last half of his pb & j that had sat out ALL DAY LONG. He cried and cried and cried some more. Than he stopped and went in the kitchen to eat his dinner. At least that's what I had thought. Wrong. He pulled his half eaten pb & j out of the garbage and was just ready to eat it. Luckily I walked in and stopped him before he took a bite. Then he cried and cried, and cried some more. (I'm such a mean mom.)

Here's a couple of pics from Easter. Enjoy.

Miss Marlee

yellow tie = Noah. red tie = Van

there, that's better.

Noah, Elijah, Vance, and Marlee

Friday, March 16, 2012

a fresh start ?

Ok, it's been waaaaayy too long since I've done the blog thingy. It's time to start again. I was going to catch you all up on the last few months, but have decided to just start fresh with today. . . .

We are still trying to sell our house. The market is finally coming to life. There is hope. I hate that Nathan has to drive so far every stinking day, but I really don't want to leave South Ogden.

We fixed our lemon of a car. Fingers crossed (and a couple thousand dollars), it should work good now. When we got it back yesterday, Marlee said how much she likes the car. I told her it was a good thing, since it will probably be her car when she's 16. (Heaven help me it's only 6 years away. it's really not that far!!)

The kids are doing great at school. The boys have done great this year in separate classes. (I'd like to think I have done great with them in separate classes too. LOL) Marlee is doing great too! She's smart, responsible, kind, and helpful. What more could I ask for?! Tama (Elijah) is learning his letters. He asks me everyday how to spell "awesome". I'm not sure why that's such an important word for him, but it is a daily question.

Nathan's loving his new job. Only 2 weeks till the Luau that he's in charge of, it's quite the event!. We're all excited to go and see it though. It should be fantastic. He is really enjoying the advising part of his job. It's been a big change, but one that he really loves!

Yes, I am pregnant. Starting to really show now. Hopefully not just looking "heavier". I am due mid September, but we will be having this little baby a few weeks earlier than that. We'll find out the end of April what "flavor" we are having. I have been looking for my maternity clothes for 2 weeks. Last night I found one small grocery bag that consisted of 1 pair of pants that need mending, a sweater that might fit Marlee, and 2 shirts that are 10 years old. NICE. (sarcasm) Then I remembered that after Elijah, I sold my stuff, thinking that IF I was to get pregnant again I would just get new clothes. Smart idea? Not so sure. ;)

There ya go, a "quick" update. Keep checking back. I promise to write more . . .

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's a Kiwi Christmas!!

Nathan wanted to dress up like Santa Claus. (He remembers his Uncle James doing this once when he was little) . . .

Marlee couldn't stop laughing . . .

Van had fun . . .

Noah couldn't stop giggling . . .

Elijah thought it was great . . .

Merry Kiwi Christmas y'all!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Here they are . . .

Van, Marlee, Noah, and please ignore the strange face that Tama is trying to make