Saturday, April 26, 2008

The year 2067

I just did the Life Expectancy Calculator. Apparently I'm going to live to be 88.9 years old. That means it'll be the year 2067 when I die. WOW! Just imagine what the world will be like then. . . According to Wikipedia, I'll see Halley's Comet return in 2062 (last time it was here was in 1986). And Isaac Newton predicted that the world will end sometime close to 2060. Wondering what the world will be like in the 2060's? Here's what the people of television think. . . The Jetsons (as in George Jetson) is suppose to take place in the year 2062, the TV series "Thunderbirds" takes place in 2065, and "Star Trek Voyager" launches Friendship One in 2067.


rick said...

That was fun! Im going to live to 94!!!! I win!!! lol, although when Im 94 I may not think that! (I had issues with our internet for a while, but all fixed now so more blogs as normal)

Cassie said...

That is too funny! Crazy to think about being an old woman...I'm not sure I'm that excited about

kelli said...

Hey! I am glad you found my Blog! Who knows if I really will go private, I am proably just being Paranoid. Your kids are so darn cute!! How old are they?
Kelli (Turner) Packer