Monday, April 21, 2008

This mess was made by this sweet face . . .
(Yes, it's Vance)
Marlee has started making up jokes.
Example: "What do you call a tree that ate a birdhouse? A note!"
Quite the comedian?!

I love my boyz!

(Noah - left, Vance - right)


jess and travis said...

cute joke... I might still be trying to figure it out :)
What a cute face and a big mess!

Rodriguez Family said...

what is it about dandilions?! good thing they aren't poisonous...I hope. Your boys are incredibly good looking, they get it from their mom of course!

the meyersons said...

Get her on Leno, stat.


Brian and Katie said...

I can't wait to get those jokes :) I love your boyz and Marlee too!