Thursday, April 10, 2008

As Seen On TV

So, here is Noah and Van's latest obsession . . . Pancake Puffs. This commercial is on T.V. CONSTANTLY. The boys think this is the most amazing food ever invented. They feel they MUST have pancake puffs. They will watch T.V. just to see the commercial. When their cartoons are on they will run around and play, but as soon as they hear the commercial start, they will come running and sit down and watch it. They can recite the entire commercial. Yesterday when I was tucking them in for their naps we had this conversation :
Vance : (out of the blue) "I love pancake puffs!" (Remember, we do not have pancake puffs.)

Noah : "Yeah, I love pancake puffs too! Can dip them."
Vance : "Dip in cinnamon and sugar."
Noah : "Love pancake puffs for snacks."

And then there's Marlee. She thinks this is the perfect invention for Grandpa (my Dad). She saw this . . . and said : "Mom, we should get this for Grandpa for his birthday. Then he won't have to weed and hurt his back."

This gal thinks ahead, however, I don't think this would be a great bday present for him, seeing how his birthday is in winter. I explained this to her and she said : "We should still get it for Grandpa, we don't want his back to hurt!"


Brian and Katie said...

oh I love it! So funny some of the things they pick up. Could you do pancake puffs with pancake mix in a muffin tin??? Just a thought- or you could make muffins and call them pancake puffs :)

Tim & Celeste said...

I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond a couple of days ago and saw "Pancake Puffs" and thought of your boys. I was so tempted to buy them so I could try them, too! They have gotten such stunning reviews without even a taste test...