Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Santa in Space

Marlee, Noah and Vance were each given a balloon the other day, and were playing outside with them. Van's popped first, Marlee figured out how to deflate hers, and Noah let go of his. As they watched in amazement as Noah's balloon flew up into the sky these little things were said:

Noah: It's in the sky, up up up into the sky.
Vance: It's with spaceships.

Marlee (to Nathan): It's in space with Heavenly Father and Santa Clause.
Nathan: Santa Clause? Why is he in space?
Marlee: Because Mom said he lives at the top of the world.


jess and travis said...

that is too cute, kids think of the funniest things

The Ormsbys down under said...

fantastic.... these are the precious things said, that brings smiles to grandparents across the other side of the world...thanks :)