Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, everyone but me (Jenny) woke up with a cold. Even Elijah. Bummer. So the kids weren't in the best of moods. Then Marlee ate way too much candy, and got a stomach ache. But, it was a nice afternoon at my parents for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa did an egg hunt for the kiddies. They loved it. Here's a few pics, sorry about the lighting in them.

Vance, Noah, Marlee
Vance, Noah, Marlee
Noah, Dad, Vance Elijah


Tim & Celeste said...

Looks like fun! Hopefully all the colds go away fast- especially for Elijah. -by the way- love his little car seat cover... :)

jess and travis said...

looks like there were still smiles and fun had despite the colds- good luck getting everyone better

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, they all look SO easter-y. That picture of Elijah looks just like his mommy! Poor Marlee. I can sympathize with her stomach ache. I also ate WAY too much candy when I was filling the kids baskets the night before Easter. Ugh, I was so sick on Easter as a result. Shame on me!!!
Your kids are adorable!