Monday, March 24, 2008

Egg Hunt(s)

Vance is in the stipped hat. Noah's in black.

Saturday was filled with 2 Easter egg hunts. The first was Nathans that he does for Washington Terrace City. It was a success, of course. It was a COLD morning, but not wet, so we couldn't complain. It's the first time Noah and Vance had gone. They didn't quite understand how an egg hunt works. Noah wanted to open up the plastic egg right there instead of getting as much as he could. Vance was amazed at all the other kids, and just stood watching them. Between the two of them, they collected (hunted) 7 pieces of candy and one fruit snack bag. Marlee knew how to do it this year, and ran all over. She had much more than just 7 pieces, and she had fun too.

Later that afternoon, we did our own little egg hunt. The boys understood a little better what to do. They just couldn't keep up with Marlee running all over getting all the eggs. They still had fun, and really enjoyed all the chocolate. Especially their chocolate bunnies.

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jess and travis said...

So cute, I think its a good idea to open the eggs right then then you have motivation and excitement to look for me or just be done and happy with what you have :)
your kids are adorable