Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, since we got our flu shots last Thursday, someone in this house has been sick everyday . . .

Noah was sick Thursday, lucky him, they wouldn't give him his shot. He had a fever and cried all day. Then he woke up Friday like nothing was ever wrong.

Nathan was sick Saturday (okay, so no one was sick on Friday). I personally think that his camp out on Friday night wore him out. So, he was lethargic all day.

Marlee had the fever on Sunday night, but like Noah, woke up Monday fine.

Vance had the fever on Monday night, and woke up this morning fine.

Now it's my turn. I have a cold. I have so much pressure in my head that I think the right side of my face might explode. Yeah. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and feel fine?!

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the meyersons said...

Jenny have you considered a sinus replacement surgery? I want one every year. Hope you feel better soon, lady.