Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little Baby Boy

So, we still haven't named our little baby boy. We're trying, but no name seems to be quite right for him. We have scheduled his and my C-Section. His arrival date is February 4, 2008. Mark your calendars folks. I think it's pretty cool to know the exact day and time. Yes, there is the chance of him coming early, but I doubt it.

I'm feeling fine. Just tired and moody all the time.

This little guy is a night owl. I can set my clock to him. Every night at 10:15 pm he starts wiggling. I think he's already a DDR fan (Dance Dance Revolution game). He "dances" constantly for about 3 hours, and then sleeps till about 7:45 am. He then decides to practice DDR again for an hour, and then sleeps the rest of the day. Interesting.

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