Thursday, November 29, 2007

Madame Marlee

I know this isn't the clearest video, but you can see enough to know that our entertainment for Thanksgiving was simply amazing! We saw this stunt no less than 20 times, including the boys joining in. The other "show" was the boys trying to catch a laser beam dot. Think of all the dogs on Funniest Home Videos, that would be my boys. They were entertained for over 15 minutes chasing a little red dot. Thanksgiving was great! We all had a really good time, and had plenty of food to eat. I'm proud to report that my kids like pumpkin pie, and that Nathan even ate a piece.


the meyersons said...

Oh man. That is great. I'll be honest...I watched it 20 times so I could know what it was like at your house.

Tim & Celeste Drake said...

Very impressive! Maybe I could get Marlee to show me the secret!