Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ormsby Thoughts

Here are a few things we have learned in the last 10 days . . .

Noah doesn't do well with croup. A trip to the ER, breathing treatments, and a week later, he is finally doing better.

Marlee is LOVING ice skating lessons. She kinda looks like Bambi, arms and legs all over the place, but she is determined to get it right! I am really proud of her.

On Thursday I was explaining to Noah and Vance what Veteran's day is about.
I said, "It's a day to remember the men and women who have fought in wars for us."
There was a pause, and they both said, "They fight in wars?".
"Yes." I said, "They fight in wars so that we can live in a safe place."
Then Vance said, "OH! Wars, like Star Wars, wars."
" Yeah", I said, "but without Storm Troopers".

I dislocated my shoulder, again. Lame.

Elijah said the family prayer last night. All. By. Hmself. It was beautiful. I caught a few of the words he said : Heavenly Father, Mom, Dad, Marlee, Vance, thank you, bless food, and Amen. The rest of the prayer was complete jibberish. After he said "Amen", Noah turned to us, eyes huge completely amazed, and said, "I didn't know Elijah could speak Spanish!!"


The Gurrrrr's said...

Love it! Your kids are so fun and adorable!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for making me laugh today! You're so smart to write those moments down after they happen. I don't do that very often and then they're soon forgotten.