Monday, February 2, 2009

His Own Private Swimming Pool

All was calm and happy in the Ormsby home on a Friday night. Nathan and I were cooking the pancakes for our traditional "Pancake Friday".
Then the kids came running.
"Elijah's in the toilet!! Elijah's in the toilet!!"
Nathan ran (I dry heave) to clean him up.
Silly us, we thought when the kids said he was in the toilet, meant his hands were in it. (That's what our other 3 kids have done)
Again, SILLY US. Nathan called out, "Jenn, come look".
So I came, afraid of what I was going to find.
I was completely right to be afraid.
And yes, I threw up a little in my mouth!
He sure had fun though, splashing and kicking! YUCK!!


Nicola said...

That's hilarious! Your kids are so cute, I bet it's hard to be mad at them anyway. We miss you guys!

Tara said...

freyr has done the same... sigh.
his face is so cute though!! he's like, "whats the matter mom? its fun!"
mmm pancake friday. have lemon juice and sugar for me.

Jen Jenkins said...

That's a blackmail photo if I've ever seen one!! Priceless!! xoxo

Shannon said...

That makes me laugh so hard. I've never been treated to quite that experience with my kids. How long did he sit in the bathtub that night?

Rodriguez Family said...

his face alost looks guilty, like he definately knows he's being naughty! WHat a character!

Brian and Katie said...

That is hilarious! I'm sorry, but I would've thought the same thing, hands- had the same experience and also threw up in my mouth! eww yuck!

Summer said...

Ew, Ew, EW!!! But gosh, he's cute! You MUST blow this one up to 16x20 size and frame it for his first date to see!

OuR fAmILy! said...

That is so funny. He is so handsome!!!

Celeste said...

I think he's really just inspiring you to keep your toilet REALLY clean! Nice job, Elijah.

Nicole said...

Love it, totally love it!