Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elijah's Birthday - Part 1

I know, I know, late again. I've gotta get caught up on here so we can move forward. Elijah's b day was a couple of weeks ago. On his actual birthday, I still wasn't feeling great so we thought we would wait till the weekend to celebrate his birthday. The kids thought that was horrible!! Marlee insisted that he have a cake on his special day! So, with the help of me, she made him a cake.
He didn't hesistate at all to jump right in. He was intrigued by the large sprinkles. But he got over it, and ate and ate and ate!!
Oh, and he learned how to stick his finger in his nose on his birthday!

This other video was cute, because it's got him doing his "growl". He won't say a word, but he growls all the time. We love it!


Nicola said...

Those pictures are hilarious! You can tell he's not feeling super great, but his face is so funny. That's cute that Marlee helped you make his cake. I guess she is getting pretty big. I haven't seen her since the twins were blessed.

Shannon said...

I love the pictures! I never had a kid that would dive into their cake like that. I always wanted pictures of messy faces on their first birthdays, but it never happened. Tate keeps asking where "baby ja-ja" is. He loved playing with him the other day.

Tara said...

yumyum hes so gorgeous.

Ashcraft Family said...

This is so sweet, but I think I like the toilet pictures better!hee hee