Friday, January 9, 2009

Lessons Learned

Here are just a few things that I/We have learned this week:

  • Having a new toilet installed is mucho $$.
  • Having a new toilet installed is exciting for 2 little boys. We've only had 1 accident this week.
  • A monkey necklace is all Marlee needs to go to school without tears. It's "MAGIC"!
  • Elijah loves hiding in the bath tub.
  • I'm almost okay with Elijah's new hair cut.
  • If I touch Nathan's back while he's snoring, he'll stop.
  • Nathan's grades for his 2 classes last semester (Stat's and Logistic's) A-, and A-.
  • Nathan only has 28 more classes till he has finished his Master's degree.
  • I will be getting my tonsils out on Monday. Yup, not so fun, but neither are the sore throats that I get all the time.


Jaime Ormsby said...

very true, im STILL on the waiting list to get my tonsils out, been waiting almost a year now.
good luck
kisses and hugs to u all

The Ormsbys down under said...

Stock up on the ice cream and pudding!! (Elly had hers out when she was 14, in CA. Surprisingly it didn't take her too long to recover at all..less than a week!!).
Also, bad news about the touch on Nathan's back, too easy!!..that's how things starting out with his a full elbow or hard kick is enough to buy me 3-4 mins!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you learned some valuable lessons this week. If only you had discovered the monkey necklace earlier in the year?

Brian and Katie said...

I'll have to remember the new toilet maybe that'll help helpful in a few months when we start to potty train... good luck with the tonsils- at least you usually get a good popsicle when you get them taken out :)

Celeste said...

If only you had a garage to put an extra toilet in. It worked wonders for us... :) So I've heard that tonsils out when you're an adult is not so great. I'll call you to come get your kids for a while so you can rest! Good Luck!

The Roylance Family said...

What a week! Do you mean 28 classes for Nathan, or 28 credits? Hopefully he'll be done soon! Joseph is starting his last semester, Hooray!!! About the tonsils...GOOD LUCK! I hope everything goes well. Maybe you should take the monkey necklace to the hospital to be brave ;). I hope you have a speedy recovery.

The Gurrrrr's said...

I didn't get to see you before you snuck out of church... Dax wouldn't let me :) j/k. Anyway, good luck tomorrow. Plan on me for Thursday or Friday... I'll call and you (or Nathan) can let me know!

Jen Jenkins said...

Good Luck today! Just look at it as another excuse to eat ice cream! Cute Sunday pics too! You have such a cute family! Let me know what I can do to help you! Love ya! xoxo

Melissa said...

If you need me to watch your kids or bring you dinner or whatever just let me know. And really that isn't an empty promise. My friend Molly had hers out last year, and it wasn't pretty.

the meyersons said...


Rodriguez Family said...

I'm so glad you figured out the snoring trick! Better sleep for you! And whoohoo for being closer to finishing classes

Ashcraft Family said...

Take it easy and hire a .......for the day!