Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wild Animals

Some days this is the truth . . . But even when it is, at the end of the day I still love them so much!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sound Asleep

Every night before I get into bed, I have to check on the kids one last time to make sure they are breathing. I'm a freak, I know. Anyways, a few nights ago, when I went to check on Elijah I found him sleeping like this . . . I'm not sure how long he slept like that, but I thought it was pretty funny. And it's not just resting on his cheek, it was seriously stuck to him. Kids definitely are entertaining!!

Lizzards and Dinos and Rabbits, Oh My!!

So Saturday I was feeling a little brave, and decided to take the kids to Ogden's Dinosaur Park. It was free that evening, and we needed to get out of the house. (Nathan's been in New Zealand for those of you who don't know) The kids had a blast - of course!! As soon as we got there we saw this . . . There is an Iguana in the window, if you can't tell. The boys were mesmerized. Then we saw rabbits. Yes I know, a dinosaur park with rabbits? I'm not sure what the connection is there, but again the kids thought it was great. I don't have a picture of them. The camera I've been left with is STUPID. Nathan took the better one with him. Then we walked the trails with the dinos. The boys are just starting to love dinosaurs, so it was fun hearing them comment on how big, or sharp, or pointy, or long, the dinosaurs were. This is how much fun Elijah had. . . ha ha. I promise, he really is a happy baby.
If you notice in this picture Van has his fingers in his ears. . . That's because they have speakers around the park that play "dino sounds". He didn't ever really get used to that. Noah and Vance do not like loud sounds. (Taking them to the movies is torture for them) After the park, we were all so hot. We had record heat that day. So, I took the kids to 7-11 for their first Slurpee's. That was great, the kids were amazed, and in love. The boys even swapped their flavors with each other half way through, so that they could taste what the other one had. I was amazed at that. They realized that their tongues were colored, and Van kept asking what flavor (color) his tongue was. The word stuck, and now Slurpee's are called "Flavors". Silly. It was a fun evening. I suppose I'll have to come up with a couple more outings for this week, to keep us entertained. Check back for more photos.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Letter to Jack Johnson

Dear Jack,

Thank-you for coming back to Salt Lake City and singing to me. I truly appreciated it, especially since I missed your last concert because I had just had twins! This time the concert was super special because I got to go with my hubby Nathan, and my little sis Carlie. It was her first concert, and she almost didn't make it because she had her tonsils removed 5 days earlier. I had fun sharing the night with her. It was a FANTASTIC concert on Monday night. Your opening acts were fun. I really liked Neil Halstead His beard looked like he should have been dying from heat (we all were, and we don't have full beards). His music was simple and beautiful, and who can resists his english accent. Rogue Wave was fun too. We laughed at the guitarist who looks like Mr. Bean. Fun. Then, we waited for you. Luckily, the sun went down and we didn't feel like we were melting anymore. When you walked out on stage, I have to admit I was almost brought to tears. You walked right out and starting singing. You didn't do much talking at all through the concert. I wonder if you were having a bad day. You did make one mistake singing, and stopped the song, apologized and started the song over. But still, you're music was awesome! It's fun, relaxing, and happy. I was excited that Zach Gill was playing the piano for you. I think he's pretty darn amazing! He did a fun little number on the accordian. While he was, Nathan and I noticed you walking across the stage to talk to the bass gutiarist. I think you forgot that your guitar was plugged in, and when the cord pulled tight, it pulled you back a bit. We both laughed. We all had a really great time! Thanks for your music and sharing it with us. I had a great night with my lil' sister. (and of course Nathan).Hope to see you again in a few years. Keep the songs coming.
Love, Jenny

P.S. Will you please let the USANA Ampitheater know that they really need to come up with a better way of getting all the cars out of the parking lot after concerts. We SAT for well over an hour before even turing the car on to attempt getting out.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We (I) have a correction to make. . .
Nathan completed his triathalon in
3 hours 55 minutes
Just thought I'd brag a little more about that.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


He did it!! He did it! Woo-hoo!! He's a bit tired now, but now as exhausted as I thought he would be. It has been a long, but exciting day. We were up the mountain at 6 am so that he could set up his transition stations (going from swim to bike, and bike to run). This is a picture of T1 (transition station 1).
The race started at 9:20 am. It was a great start, and luckily the water was warm - 71 degrees. I think it was warmer in the water than it was out.
Then off to bike up and over the mountains. This race course is almost all up hill (mountains) on trails!! He was quick on his bike, quicker that he anticipated, even with a flat towards the end. He was feeling pretty good when he started running. We don't have his official times yet, we'll post them when we get them. But he did great!! The entire race just barely over 4 hours!!! This is him crossing the finish line. . .PRICELESS!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

XTERRA Sport Tri

Anyone interested in what Nathan's doing tomorrow morning, take a look at this He's been training for this for quite a few months. We're all really excited for him. Everyone wish him good luck!!! We'll have a follow up post tomorrow evening telling all about it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeah for Packages!

Thanks Nan and Koro for the package from Hong Kong. We all love our gifts!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inside the Brains of the Ormsby Kids

Marlee: Mom, why do we have roads on the ground instead of water?
Me: If we had water, how would we go places like to the park and the store?
Marlee: Mom, in a boat, a fast boat. (Duh!)

Sunday in Nursery the boys learned about saying "sorry" when you do something wrong, or hurt somebody. They got a cute little hand-out with a hippo on it that said, "If I can say hippopotamus, I can say I'm sorry". So today Noah hit Marlee. This was the conversation that followed . .
Me: Noah, can you say hippopotamus?
Noah: Yes
Me: Then you need to tell Marlee you're sorry.
Noah: (to Marlee) Marlee, Hippopotamus, I can say I'm sorry.
(I think we need to work on it a little bit more)

Van seems to be ready for Winter. Everyday he wants something different. Like to have a fire in the fireplace, or go sledding. Today he wanted to put up the Christmas tree and have presents. Silly kid.

Elijah probably has a lot to say, but all he does is suck in air and make a LOUD squealing sound. He would also tell us how uncomfortable it is to cut 2 teeth at the same time (his two bottom ones). Oh, and also how much fun he has crawling now!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pioneer Day 2008


This is just a test post. I've been having a bit of trouble getting things to post today. Stay tuned, more to come, I promise!