Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pioneer Day 2008


rick said...

how cute!!! Were gonna have to up our video making skills now!

Nicola said...

Josh was on dateline, we still haven't seen it though. And I don't know how much the baby weighed, I don't think anyone told me. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

North Valley said...

Miss you and Love you bro. Damon

Rodriguez Family said...

amazingly done! it looked like you guys had so much fun, it made me miss utah *sniff!* and everytime I see her, I can't believe how big Marlee is!

Tena said...

Hi Jenny
I was trying to figure out what your email address was but I couldn't find it. So I will will invite you this way.

I am having a Lia Sophia jewelry party on Aug 12, at 7:00pm. I sent your mom an invite on-line. Bring her and your sister. I hope that you can come.

My email is or you can RSVP 801-866-8189.

I hope that you can come!


Ashcraft Family said...

I love the video!!!!!!I am going to have to attempt that if it doesn't take me 3 weeks! (for the computer handicapped) I hope Mel called you-I got your message and was leaving town. I couldn't back to you for several days. Thanks for your concerns!! Boy did we have fun! Thanks for sharing it. I laughed all the way through! p.s. Thanks for the limited swimsuit footage!