Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inside the Brains of the Ormsby Kids

Marlee: Mom, why do we have roads on the ground instead of water?
Me: If we had water, how would we go places like to the park and the store?
Marlee: Mom, in a boat, a fast boat. (Duh!)

Sunday in Nursery the boys learned about saying "sorry" when you do something wrong, or hurt somebody. They got a cute little hand-out with a hippo on it that said, "If I can say hippopotamus, I can say I'm sorry". So today Noah hit Marlee. This was the conversation that followed . .
Me: Noah, can you say hippopotamus?
Noah: Yes
Me: Then you need to tell Marlee you're sorry.
Noah: (to Marlee) Marlee, Hippopotamus, I can say I'm sorry.
(I think we need to work on it a little bit more)

Van seems to be ready for Winter. Everyday he wants something different. Like to have a fire in the fireplace, or go sledding. Today he wanted to put up the Christmas tree and have presents. Silly kid.

Elijah probably has a lot to say, but all he does is suck in air and make a LOUD squealing sound. He would also tell us how uncomfortable it is to cut 2 teeth at the same time (his two bottom ones). Oh, and also how much fun he has crawling now!!


jessica and travis said...

Your kids are so darn cute! I would rather read their cute stories than watch tv.
I cante beleive your baby is getting 2 teeth.. mine still has none.

Elly said...

Thats sooo cute! Love it!

Rob and Melanie said...

Thats so cute! It sounds like something my boys would say too.

Brian and Katie said...

so cute I love it!!!