Thursday, August 21, 2008

Letter to Jack Johnson

Dear Jack,

Thank-you for coming back to Salt Lake City and singing to me. I truly appreciated it, especially since I missed your last concert because I had just had twins! This time the concert was super special because I got to go with my hubby Nathan, and my little sis Carlie. It was her first concert, and she almost didn't make it because she had her tonsils removed 5 days earlier. I had fun sharing the night with her. It was a FANTASTIC concert on Monday night. Your opening acts were fun. I really liked Neil Halstead His beard looked like he should have been dying from heat (we all were, and we don't have full beards). His music was simple and beautiful, and who can resists his english accent. Rogue Wave was fun too. We laughed at the guitarist who looks like Mr. Bean. Fun. Then, we waited for you. Luckily, the sun went down and we didn't feel like we were melting anymore. When you walked out on stage, I have to admit I was almost brought to tears. You walked right out and starting singing. You didn't do much talking at all through the concert. I wonder if you were having a bad day. You did make one mistake singing, and stopped the song, apologized and started the song over. But still, you're music was awesome! It's fun, relaxing, and happy. I was excited that Zach Gill was playing the piano for you. I think he's pretty darn amazing! He did a fun little number on the accordian. While he was, Nathan and I noticed you walking across the stage to talk to the bass gutiarist. I think you forgot that your guitar was plugged in, and when the cord pulled tight, it pulled you back a bit. We both laughed. We all had a really great time! Thanks for your music and sharing it with us. I had a great night with my lil' sister. (and of course Nathan).Hope to see you again in a few years. Keep the songs coming.
Love, Jenny

P.S. Will you please let the USANA Ampitheater know that they really need to come up with a better way of getting all the cars out of the parking lot after concerts. We SAT for well over an hour before even turing the car on to attempt getting out.


Summer said...

What fun! Concerts are so exciting!

PS- Sorry about your tonsils, Carlie! I had mine removed about a year ago and it was AWFUL! Definintely not for the faint of heart!

kelli said...

I didn't realize that you had twins?! That is so fun! I can't believe how many people from our clas had twins.

The Archibalds said...

I am so jealous of you. I wanted to go to that concert so bad, but it just wasn't in the cards for me this year. Maybe he'll come again someday and sing to me!

Celeste said...

Fun! I love Jack, too. And I LOVE your new blog look!!! Super Sleek.

Rodriguez Family said...

So fun!! I thought of you guys and your love for Jack when we finally got around to watching Curious George (we're just barely getting into kid flicks!)

Ashcraft Family said... I'm so jealous you made his concert! Thanks for rubbing it in! Soo proud of Nathan on his triathalon! have to give me advice for mine next year! congrats you two!

Rob and Melanie said...

My brother and his wife went to that concert too. I had never even heard of him so my brother gave me a cd he had. I really liked him!

Brian and Katie said...

I'm so jealous! I saw that he was coming to SLC and thought of you guys! It used to be a tradition I told Brian one of these summers we're flying out there to go with you guys again! :) Good times!
pS I agree with the parking!