Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I had to put a photo in that showed all of his hair!!

We made it home! We're all doing well, and adjusting just fine. Elijah is eating like a champ. Marlee is the greatest little helper ever. She spent her "nap time" just sitting on our bed starring at him. Vance and Noah keep calling him "baby". They know his name, but I think they prefer "baby" better. Nathan made a yummy dinner. And my head is foggy. That's about it for us tonight. Here's some more photos of Elijah. We'll get some family photos posted soon.


Joyce said...

What a cute head of hair!!! So sweet! Hope you all are doing well. He is so cute. What a relief to be able to take him home and get him out of NICU. By the way, why on earth was Nathan fixing dinner? I sure hope you're having meals brought in! Do I need to make some calls??? Take care of yourself. One piece of advice: Don't yell at your kids during this time of healing... ouch!

Emily said...

Oh Jen he's beautiful! Congratulations!! I'm so glad he got to come home and that everyone is taking good care of you. Great name too! Can't wait to see more pictures...they change so fast!!

Natalie said...

Jenny he is SO cute! You two have the most adorable little kids on the earth! This is your cousin Natalie, just incase you were wondering who it was, my Dad sent me an email with your blog address and I just had to comment on this handsome babe boy! :)