Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elijah Reid Ormsby

We have a name!!!
Elijah Reid Ormsby

Elijah cause we just like it. Reid is great grandads middle name and Ormsby from Nathan. He's still in the NICU but slowly coming off the oxygen. Hoping to have him all to ourselves in the next couple of days.


Joyce said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm probably the last person you expected to evesdrop on your blog. I saw your link through Celeste's blog.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! When I clicked on your blog and saw your baby I was like.. "Huh?" He is so cute!!!
How did your c-section go this time? I hope you're feeling well and enjoying ALL FOUR DAYS in the hospital. I hope you're healing well and that Elijah will get out of NICU very soon. I'm so happy for you!!!

Joyce (Anderson)
p.s. I guess this means you're excused from VT-ing this month. And probably next month and maybe even the month after that...

the meyersons said...

What a handsome boy!! Congrats a million times and I wish you all the best. For Pete's sake I need more info about the nasal cannula.

Rodriguez Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS! He's beautiful!

Celeste said...

Yay! What a shocker to check your blog and see that you had your baby! He is SO CUTE! I am very happy for your family. Good luck on the upcoming no sleep.