Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Week

Last week was a week of birthday parties. Sunday Marlee and I celebrated our birthday's together at my parents house.

It's always fun when we have a party together for our birthday

Tuesday we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was impromptu, and superfun to have my parents and my in-laws there too. That night the WORST, most UNFLATTERING picture EVER, was taken of me that night. You can use your imagination, but it involved me sitting on a horse saddle. I was a good sport, but that picture must be burned!!!! However, I will put this picture of Vance up instead. He decided not to make me a birthday card, but a birthday hat for his zhu zhu pet instead.

Marlee had a birthday party on Wednesday with her girlfriends. Here's the equation for her fantastic party :
9 giggly girls + jumbo soft pretzels + Taylor Swift music +

kit kat/m&m cake +

bracelet making = 2.5 hours of total bliss for 8 year old girls

Thursday Marlee got her ears pierced. I don't have a picture of this, but she was very brave. They pierced both ears at the same time, thank goodness, I don't know if she would have gone through with the second one. She has been diligent at keeping them clean. She feels very grown up about it all.

And then there was Saturday. Saturday she was baptized. I can almost talk about it now without crying.

It was a beautiful day and evening.


Rodriguez Family said...

first, congratulaions on your baptism Marlee, second, kitkat and M&M cake, is there anything better in the ENTIRE world?
Happy Birthday girlies!

The Gurrrrr's said...

That would be total bliss for me if you would make that cake for the next girl's night. too fun! :)

Nicole said...

So my question on the there actually a cake in it or is it just kitkats and m&ms? I've wanted to ask since I saw it shortly after you posted it but I felt a little silly like I should know. Guess I'm over that and just want to know! Either way soo cute!

The Ormsby's said...

Nicole, yes! There is a cake inside it! Don't feel silly. I thought the same thing when I found this cake. ;)

Summer said...

Happy Birthday to you! You sure you don't want to share the saddle picture? :)

Sounds like it was a super fun birthday week! Marlee's party loked like a blast and I love the cake! So cute! I might have to steal this idea for Andrew - he is a big M&M fan!

Summer said...

Oh, and congratulations on Marlee's baptism! Those are so special!