Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the Head of a 3 Year Old

Setting : Noah singing a song.
Me: Noah, where did you learn that song?
Noah: Hmmm, (then clicking his tongue while thinking) My brain taught me.
Me: Oh really. What else does your brain do?
Noah: (running his hands through his hair, and clicking his tongue again) Get's sweaty!!

Setting : Waiting with the boys in the car for Marlee to come out of school.
Me: What color is that car?
Boys: (in unison) Brown.
Me: What color is that car?
Boys: (in unison) Blue!
Me: What color is the snow?
Boys: (again in unison) WHITE!
Me: What color is the rain?
Boys: Hmmmm (again with the clicking tongue sound.(not sure where they got that from))
Vance: GLASS!!
Me: What? What color is the rain?
Vance: Glass colored.
Me: Very good. (never thought of that before, but I suppose rain is the color of glass)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Holiday (aka Vacation)

Last week we headed south to find some warm weather. We found it!! And had a great time in St. George!! We spent our days exploring nature trails, swimming, napping, swimming some more, and watching the Disney Channel. Here are a few highlights of our holiday (vacation) in St. George. . .
Here are Noah and Vance patiently waiting for the jack rabbit to come out of the bushes. He never did again. Dang it.
Notice the rabbit ears? Good job Van!
And an awesome action shot of Marlee jumping.
We ate out one evening at a local Mexican restaurant. Vance had the longest french fry anyone has ever seen!!Later the waitress brought out sombreros for us to wear. The kids LOVED it!! And yes, Vance is still working on that french fry.Marlee absolutely loves rice and beans (especially black beans). She was in heaven!
The city has a fun Main Street to walk down. It has bronze sculptures to enjoy along the way. And a little water/splash park at the end. Nice shades Noah!
And they were all a little freaked out at Brother Brigham. Especially Vance.
Elijah loved being out of his stroller.And he didn't seem to mind that the water was freezing cold.
Whew!! That was a lot of photos. I'm impressed if you are still reading this. But don't worry, if you did enjoy it, I have a few more pictures to add tomorrow. . .

Friday, March 13, 2009

I See You!!

I see you, can you see us? (Look closely - there is a pair of eyes on the wall) YIKES!! Almost a month since I posted last? I'm a slacker. But have not fear, we are alive and well. Not much has been going on. Mostly we've just been hanging around.Like those first two photos? Van's new talent is to see where he can stick and hang his toys. It's always fun to find a pair of eyes staring at you from across the room.

We've been bitten with the Spring Fever. Not so great when the weather is warm and sunny one day, and then it's cold and snowing for a week. It messes with your head. But, along with the warm weather brings pollen, and pollen means ALLERGIES for Nathan and Marlee. Those two will have to suffer for the next 2 months till summer is officially here.

Marlee and Elijah were cuddling one morning. He's had a cold, and snuggled right into her. She was in heaven!!We bought the boys new "running shoes". We finally got smart and bought them different pairs. So now they won't end up wearing two right shoes (or two left). They are both completely convinced that they make them run faster and jump higher.
Nathan and I are busy training for our Half Marathon we'll be running together in May. We're up to running 8 miles and living to tell that we did it!! So far so good. I got to go to the Relief Society Dinner this week. Me and my friends had a great time. I'm so blessed to have some fantastic friends in the ward!! We had a guest speaker, Brooke Walker come. She's a news anchor and host of Studio 5. She was a blast to listen to, and of course we had to get our picture taken with her.
So that's about it for us. I PROMISE to be much much better at posting from now on. Love Ya!