Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the Head of a 3 Year Old

Setting : Noah singing a song.
Me: Noah, where did you learn that song?
Noah: Hmmm, (then clicking his tongue while thinking) My brain taught me.
Me: Oh really. What else does your brain do?
Noah: (running his hands through his hair, and clicking his tongue again) Get's sweaty!!

Setting : Waiting with the boys in the car for Marlee to come out of school.
Me: What color is that car?
Boys: (in unison) Brown.
Me: What color is that car?
Boys: (in unison) Blue!
Me: What color is the snow?
Boys: (again in unison) WHITE!
Me: What color is the rain?
Boys: Hmmmm (again with the clicking tongue sound.(not sure where they got that from))
Vance: GLASS!!
Me: What? What color is the rain?
Vance: Glass colored.
Me: Very good. (never thought of that before, but I suppose rain is the color of glass)


The Ormsbys down under said...

AWWWW.... I just wanta squeeze 'em both!! They are soooo smart!! Miss you all heaps

Melissa said...

Noah and Vance are so funny! They really say the cutest things. They keep my laughing all through primary!

Brian and Katie said...

so cute! It's so funny some of the things they come up with!!! how's training going?

Rodriguez Family said...

holy smokes! how funny!