Saturday, February 14, 2009

Utah Weather

Nathan's been dying for old man winter to leave, and spring to arrive. Utah weather can be cruel. It likes to tease us every year. Last week was warm warm warm, and all the snow melted. This is a picture of our house on Saturday (last week). . .
We got about 10 inches of snow Monday morning. My parents who live 10 minutes away got over 15 inches. It was a big storm. There's suppose to be another one today. This is what we did Monday for FHE (family home evening). The kids had fun. Even little Elijah, who had a cold, and couldn't go out in the snow.

Miss Marlee

A few quick updates on Marlee :She lost her tooth 2 days after the controversial poll post. And yes, she did ask me to pull it out. Her other front tooth is wiggly, but she's taking her time with this one. And that's okay.
For her school Valentine's Party, she MADE all 23 of her cards. I was proud. I thought it would take a day or two for her to color them all, but she sat down and colored them all in a hour. She was so excited to do them.Oh, and a week ago I took her bowling with me and my Activity Day Girls. We had a blast. It was Marlee's first time, and she got 2 spares and 2 strikes!! She's a natural. She beat us all, and bowled a 106. That's our girl!

Elijah's Birthday - Part 2

So here's a couple pictures of his other birthday party. This was the "real" one.
Toot Toot - I was proud of this cake. I don't usually do well decorating cakes, and I usually end up in tears. I'm proud to report that there were no tears over this cake. Not a one. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elijah's Birthday - Part 1

I know, I know, late again. I've gotta get caught up on here so we can move forward. Elijah's b day was a couple of weeks ago. On his actual birthday, I still wasn't feeling great so we thought we would wait till the weekend to celebrate his birthday. The kids thought that was horrible!! Marlee insisted that he have a cake on his special day! So, with the help of me, she made him a cake.
He didn't hesistate at all to jump right in. He was intrigued by the large sprinkles. But he got over it, and ate and ate and ate!!
Oh, and he learned how to stick his finger in his nose on his birthday!

This other video was cute, because it's got him doing his "growl". He won't say a word, but he growls all the time. We love it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

This Kids Gone Viral

As promised to my friends the other day. Here is the video. It's so funny!! Poor little guy. Whoever he is, he's seriously famous, I think just about everyone has seen this by now. I wonder what Marlee would have said if she would have been older (she was 2 1/2 when they sedated her for cavity work).

Monday, February 2, 2009

His Own Private Swimming Pool

All was calm and happy in the Ormsby home on a Friday night. Nathan and I were cooking the pancakes for our traditional "Pancake Friday".
Then the kids came running.
"Elijah's in the toilet!! Elijah's in the toilet!!"
Nathan ran (I dry heave) to clean him up.
Silly us, we thought when the kids said he was in the toilet, meant his hands were in it. (That's what our other 3 kids have done)
Again, SILLY US. Nathan called out, "Jenn, come look".
So I came, afraid of what I was going to find.
I was completely right to be afraid.
And yes, I threw up a little in my mouth!
He sure had fun though, splashing and kicking! YUCK!!