Saturday, November 28, 2009

head butt

I left the kids in the car while I ran in to pay for gas.
(Don't judge me-you've all done it before)
When I came back out I asked the boys if my phone rang.
VAN: No mom, it didn't ring.
ME: Oh, I guess no one loves me.
VAN: No mom, I love you, but no one called you. Got that?

(walking towards me, tears in her eyes, and holding the side of her head)
MARLEE: Mom, Van just punched me in the head.
(Dramatic pause)
With his EYE!
(Tears and sobbing begin!!)
NATHAN: That's called a head-butt.


rickandelly said...

bahahahaha! Head Butt! :0)

Rodriguez Family said...

your kids CRACK me up! They say the funniest things!

Brian and Katie said...

dahhhhhaaaaa I'm sorry but that is funny! Ty calls them head bonks- he'll get up in the morning come into my room and say "hey mom you want the pain" which I'll promptly say "no" and then I get "comm'on mom it's only a head bonk"...... kids ps I didn't call either because I washed my phone and lost all my numbers but I love you too- got that? :)

Jen Jenkins said...

Too funny!

Did you guys all make it there in one piece?