Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Photos - The Helmets

I think I owe everyone 9 more photos. So, here are a few, and tomorrow I'll finish it up.

These pictures are from the spring of 2006. The boys are Elijah's age in the first photo - 9 months. And that would make Marlee the age that the boys are now - 3. Some of you don't know that Noah and Vance had to wear helmets for 3 months. Their heads were flat, and needed some correcting. It looked sad, but it really wasn't too bad. When they were newborns they loved having their heads rubbed. Van ALWAYS fell asleep when someone rubbed his head. After the helmets came off, they didn't like it anymore. That always made me a little sad. The worst part was how bad their heads would sweat with them on. And boy would they stink!! We had to wash them everyday, phew!!! Oh, and the other bad part was all the stupid things people would say. One of the dumbest was when we would get asked, "Oh, are they Siamese twins? They were connected at the head?" Believe or not, that question was asked more than once.
Here's Vance.
Now they have beautiful round heads. I think. When Noah saw this picture he said, "Hey look!! Elijah is a spaceman!!" Little did he know that it was him being a spaceman.


Shannon said...

Love the helmets! They do have such cute round heads now. They were cute then too! Just looking at your pictures with two of everything reminds me of what a woman you are! Sometimes I can barely make it with Tate, and you've got double the trouble.

Mattsmum said...

I am sure when you look back on that time you can think it was all worth it... especially when you look at those handsome young boys.

People can be so rude... I had to get to the point that I would laugh at them... I actually got to the point that I would park in the furthest parking spot rather than use the handicapped placard because people are so rude. I had notes left on my car, right below the placard that was hanging there... My absolute favorite was the guy carrying two suitcases of beer out of Smith's. I pulled in to the designated spot for Ashley and put up my placard and was headed for the trunk when this bozo toting his booze to the car asked me if I really should be parking there... I replied... you bet ever since the drunk driver hit us. I figured he was trying to shame me out of that parking spot... maybe I could make an impact on his beer guzzling evening.. maybe he would even change his plans.