Monday, November 24, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

My cute little sister Carlie was in Northridge High School's production of Beauty and the Beast. We brought Marlee along, and she had a really good time. Except when we made her pose for this picture.Nathan, I mean Gaston didn't have a problem posing for this pic.
Neither did her Mamma.
I think we embarrassed her.
Trust us Marlee, it's just the beginning!! (wicked laugh in background)Cute little Carlie (I know, know you're not so little anymore) was a darling spoon in this number - Be Our Guest. You can't see her - she's hiding in the middle behind the fork, and the other pics of her are terribly blurry. Sorry. But this does show the amazing set. They would flip the entire thing around, and it would be the front of the castle!! It was HUGE. This picture just doesn't show how truly big it was. Anyway, enough about the set. Carlie was beautiful and darling on the stage.
This is after the show. Marlee loved seeing the cast come out after in their costumes. Here she is with Carlie. I wish we would have had a picture of when Belle came out and talked to Marlee. Belle (Carlie's friend) remembered Marlee's name, you should have seen Marlee's reaction. Her eyes went huge and I she almost fell over when Belle walked up to her and said, "Hi Marlee, thanks for coming to the show!!"


Nicola said...

That is so cute about Marlee and Belle, and the play sounds really good too. How fun for Marlee to go do something without her little brothers. I love yours and Nathans shots as Belle and Gaston. Your face is priceless.

the meyersons said...

Carlie got so old. That kills me. On a side note, Nathan, where do you work out? You look slammin.

Jen Jenkins said...

How fun! Even funner that Carlie was in it! The pics of you and Nathan are hilarious! xoxo

Brian and Katie said...

you have to love embarassing siblings and children... moowahhhh (evil laugh) I love the cutouts with your faces!

Summer said...

My Mom told me about the show the other day. She said it was AMAZING! She too was very impressed with the set! I SO would have come to see it if I was in Utah! Those cutout pics are so fun!

Great job, CArlie! (I can't believe she is in high school! In my last memory of her, I think she was like 5 years old!)

Celeste said...

I can almost hear the wicked little laugh in the background as Marlee watches in horror as her Mom & Dad pose for those pictures... Awesome!