Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Challenge - Day 1

Okay, so I saw this on a friend of a friend of a friends blog. Yes, I admit, I'm a stalker. Anywho . . . thought this was a fun "challenge" and decided to do it myself. The challenge is to post a picture every day for 30 days. So keep coming back to see new pictures.

Day 1

Marlee's been sick for a almost a week now. She has had a horrible allergic reaction to a virus. So every few hours her skin breaks out in this horrible rash all over her body. Don't worry though, it doesn't bother her. It itches just a little bit, but mostly it just looks awful!! Poor thing. She's only broken out once today, so hopefully she's just about over it.


Jen Jenkins said...

I'm so sorry!! How sad for Marlee! I hope she feels better soon!

Brian and Katie said...

ouch, it looks like it would hurt! I'm sorry Hope she gets feeling better!

joyce said...

what the heck??? That is horrible? Do the drs even know anything about this?? Seth used to have eczema that looked like that when he was littler. But... wow. I hope she gets better very soon. Poor girl!

Summer said...

Oh no! Poor thing! That does not look fun!