Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The story of my toes. . .

First, I apologize for the pic of my foot. I know it's not the prettiest, but I didn't feel right putting someone else's foot on here.

Now, to the stories . . . my poor right foot, occasionally it takes a beating. It's been a few years since I've injured my foot, so I thought Sunday would be a good day to update. While at my parents house for dinner, I decided to ram my foot into a wall. Why? I don't know. I've know that wall was there for 9 years now. But, whatever the reason, I cut my "ring finger" toe, and broke/damaged my "pinkie finger" toe. This picture was taken yesterday. It is a bit darker today, but luckily the pain is easing up. With this pain and bruising, I've been reminded of three other times that my poor toes have suffered.

The first time I recall injuring toes was in 1st Grade. I had a friend named Lane. On the playground one day, Lane said that he would give me $5 if I kicked a bowling pin. Why were there bowling pins on the playground? The 6th Graders used them as boundary lines for dodge ball. Anyway, it took me a few days to think it over, and a few more days of Lane and his friends pressuring me to do it. I finally decided I'd show him . . . and show him I did. I walked up to that stupid bowling pin, and kicked it as hard as I could! I quickly learned that bowling pins were/are very heavy and very very hard. STUPID Lane! Of course I cried, and of course my big toe on my right foot turned blue, then purple, and then black. I couldn't walk for days. Those boys laughed and laughed for days as I hobbled around. And did I ever get my $5 - NO! Even after pestering Lane clear into High School, I never got that money, but he always had a good laugh.

The second time I injured my right foot, it wasn't my fault, or out of stupidity. It was my Sr. year in High School. I was doing the dance portion of auditions for the musical "Oklahoma" (yes, I have to sing the song to spell the name). I had a partner, we'll call him "Travis" (his name has been changed to protect him), who had to lift me up, spin us around and then set me back down on the floor. While practicing this lift, "Travis" dropped me. I tried to catch myself, but only succeeded at putting all of my weight, and some of "Travis'," on my right toe. Yup, you guessed it, I wrecked all 5 toes, black and blue. I couldn't walk for days! "Travis" felt awful. I forgave him, and eventually my toes healed.

The third time was after Marlee was born. I was vacuuming, and decided to run the corner of the vacuum over my big toe. DO NOT try this at home!! The beater bar on the vacuum tore off my toe nail. Now that one really hurt!! I could walk, but couldn't wear shoes FOREVER!

So there you have it, my right foot is a survivor. It will survive this injury just like the others.


Jaime Ormsby said...

i completely know how you feel!!!! i was at my last young womans camp (as i had already turned 18) and on the last day we had a HUGE tug a war, i mean 50 girls on each side, and when my team won, the girl in front of me fell on my toe and broke my 'pinkie finger' toe, thats right i broke my toe playing tug a war, haha and i had to start my new job the next day, a receptionist at a law firm, i walked into the office in thongs!! (flip flops) so embarrassing!

joyce said...

Well, thanks to your blog, I suffered a pinky toe brake late last night. I'm pretty sure it's your fault!!!
Thanks... your ex-visiting teaching partner.