Friday, May 23, 2008

Hair Cuts and Ice Cream Cones

This post is a few days late. Sorry. Monday we took the boys to get their hair cut for the first time at a salon. Van loved it! He held perfectly still, and watched in the mirror the whole time. . .Noah didn't enjoy it as much. He was afraid of the clippers, and kept flinching. . . But, it turned out great and they look very handsome. As a reward for being brave and good, we took them to get ice cream cones. Yeah for summertime!!(Noah admiring his work)

(Notice the ice cream on Van's forehead)

1 comment:

rick said...

Im surprised he doesn't have more ice cream on his face! I get quite a bit on my nose and hand at least! hehehehe (now if it were chocolate it would all go in the mouth)