Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hugs and Kisses to Y'all

Happy Valentines Day!!
We LOVE you all!

(These are the three best out of 16 photos I took. It's not easy getting everyone to look in the same direction. From left to right : Vance, Marlee, Noah, and of course Elijah in the middle)


The Ormsbys down under said...

Thanks for the group photo....they are all so cute, I just wanta scoop 'em all up and kiss 'em!! Now I have to choose which photo to put up at work...might have to be a tripditch!!

jess and travis said...

how do you get up and get 4 kids ready so early?
you are such a great mom!
all your kids are so adorable, you need to be in a picture with them :)

Brian and Katie said...

Jen they are so adorable! I'm sorry i haven't gotten on here for awhile! Elijah is so dang cute! I love his little yawn!

Celeste said...

Cute, Cute photos! What a lucky little boy to have such a great family!

Rodriguez Family said...

what a cheezer Vance is in the last couple pictures! Some character! We moved to PG, (a little) closer for Nick, who is working at research park at the U, and closer for me, I still work in Orem. Wanna pack up your 4 kids and come visit (it wouldn't be stressful at all, I'm sure!)