Sunday, September 16, 2007

Treasures . . .

These are some photos of my treasures I found yesterday.
This is Van as a tiger (also known as Tigger)
Van again. Noah was at Grandma's during this photo shoot.
And here's Marlee.
This is my awesome wreath that I've wanted forever and ever.


the meyersons said...

Hey Jenn....remember when I wanted that wreath and you mailed it to me?

That was SUPER nice.

I'm digging the children's new school clothes, I just didn't know you were the type of mom to let their creative juices flow so early by wearing costumes out in public.

Jenny O said...

Jenn, maybe - just maybe - if you play your cards right, there will be a wreath with your name on it (I don't think you want a wreath with "Ormsby" on it), just waiting for you, at my house, around Christmas time. (Yeash, that's a long sentence) And yes, I suppose you can consider this a bit of "blackmail", or positive persuasion. You choose. :)

jenn said...

bring it on baby