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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exactly One Year Ago

I thought it would be fun to take a peek in our digital photo album and see if there were any photos taken July 16, 2008. This is what I found . . .

Not alot has changed in a year. Noah CRIED almost 3 hours straight this morning. AHHHH! In his defense : while I was doing the dishes this morning he thought he'd show me how he could hop on one foot. He did do very well, until Marlee had to try and show him up. Instead she hopped into him, he fell over, and scratched his wrist on the dishwasher. From the way he reacted to the scratch, you would have thought he had cut his arm off. Hence, the crying for 3 hours straight.
Anyways, he looked very much the same as he did in this picture a year ago. And I saw Vance repeatedly giving him the same look, like, "Really? You're going to start crying again?"

If I remember right, Vance got the bump on his head/scratches on his nose because we went for a walk. While on that walk a dog, a lap dog, probably a Shih Tzu , CHARGED (should really read: barked at him from about 50 feet away), which caused Van to FREAK OUT, scream and attempt to run away. While running away, he tripped on the sidewalk and fell. (Or did he trip over Noah or Marlee - who were also FREAKING OUT? I'm not sure but Nathan's not here to correct my memory) Meanwhile the owner of the said dog sat on his porch and laughed hysterically. Not nice.

But in the end, even with all the crying and freaking out last year and today, and everyday inbetween, I LOVE THEM TO PIECES! And I never get tired of seeing my kids happy (and hugging)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Run Sisters Run!!

Here we go again. I think I've created a MONSTER!! Actually, Nathan started all of this last year when he did his Triathlon. Then we signed up for the 1/2 marathon, and then I got Sarah into it, then Sarah got her hubby to run a 5K last week, and now Marlee's talking about wanting to maybe run a Kids K this fall. WOW!! You'd think with all this running I'd be tiny and skinny by now. I'm not. But, it is slowly coming off. But the best part is the feeling of accomplishment. It's been a great self esteem booster. I really am enjoying it!! Who woulda thought!? Me, the girl who hid when it was time for the track team to do their 1 MILE run!! But that's another story for another day (along with the story about when I had to actually run a race at a track meet, and was DEAD last, or when I was practicing throwing the disc and hit the coach. Geez, why did they ever let me on the track team in Jr. High?) Anyways . . .

Sarah and I ran a 10K (6.2 miles) this morning in Farmington. It had horrible hills at the beginning (UP hill), a beautiful trail along the side of bison and deer (the animals at Lagoon), lots of cars (they didn't close the roads for the race), and a fantastic hill to run down at the very end. It was a lot of fun. My time was good, but I'm looking forward to beating that time in September when I run another 10K.

Marlee had a BLAST taking pictures of the boys while they were waiting for us at the finish line.
The following pictures are all taken by Miss Marlee . . .

Noah making a face. He loves making people laugh.

Van the Man. (notice Noah hiding behind him)

The Boys


Marlee making a face at Elijah to make him smile.
(this one was not taken by Miss Marlee, obviously)

and - Elijah again.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boyz Bday Part 2

I know I know, late - Late - LATE!!
But here it is, their birthday party pictures . . .

My Aunt and Uncle were so very kind to let us have a pool party. Thank you a million times over!!! The boys would swim all day every day if they could.

Can you tell their favorite part is jumping in - TOGETHER?

I just love that they're holding hands.

And here's the cake. . .

It was a hit, and everyone loved that when you cut into the whale it was pink (strawberry cake). They loved it.