Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Dad

Well, he did it!! Three years later he's a little bit smarter. At least he better be.

Thank you to the church education system for allowing him to be at your schools for sooooo many many years (Church College - high school, Ricks College - Associates Degree, BYU - Bachelors Degree, and BYU again for his Maters Degree!!)(Gee, he's really not going to like this pic, just remember it was taken at 11:00 pm after 5 hours of class!!! And yes, I know I spelled "family" wrong on the poster. Remember, it's not me that has the Master's Degree)
We love you and are proud of this accomplishment!!

He finished school a week ago, and I was going to wait to do a post about this when he graduated, but you never know with Nathan, he might not want to do all the graduation "stuff" in August when his class walks. So, better late than never, right?

And also, this weekend is Terrace Days. Take a peek. This is Nathan's big weekend for work. We all have alot of fun at it, and Nathan has a lot of fun when it's all over. :) Let's hope the weather will clear up for the weekend. We've been in a monsoon pattern here, which NEVER happens. We live in a desert!!


RickandElly said...

whoot whoot!!! Nice going - smartest brother i ever had! :D

Jana said...

Congrats to Nathan that's such a huge accomplishment!!! I am sure EVERYONE is glad it is over.

*whitney.rose said...

so happy and proud of you nathan!

youre an amazing example to you little sister(:


Jen Jenkins said...

YAY! Congrats you guys! That is so awesome!! Does he want you to call him "Master Nathan" now?

The Ormsbys down under said...

Oh Nate, we are sooo proud of you!! What a great accomplishment... We love you.
See you in 186 days

Brian and Katie said...

NATHAN!!!!! congrats kiddo! It's not easy- I should probably congrat Jen TOO! :) Cuz we all know it takes 2 when you have jobs and kids and School :) love you guys

Rodriguez Family said...

congratulations Mr. Smarty Pants! whew, that is a lot of church school!

Mattsmum said...

Congrats Nathan... It will feel weird for a little while, it took me a couple weeks to get use to not having to sit down on the computer until 10 pm writing the paper that was due at 10pm. Oh wait, I didn't get over it, now I just sit and read facebook. Silly me.

I hope you are proud of your accomplishment. Those of us who have been through it can celebrate with you.