Wednesday, April 18, 2012

why awesome?

So, in my last post I had mentioned that Elijah keeps asking me how to spell "awesome". Honestly, it is a daily question. I finally realized today why he is determined to know how to spell "awesome" . . . he thinks it is the password to log onto the laptop! I must have told him, one of the million times he's asked me what the password was, that it was "awesome". Too funny!!

Everything else is going good. The other night I was up till 1, and had thought of some great things to blog about. Unfortunately I didn't write them down, so I don't have anything clever and witty to share. Oh well.

Noah has decided hat he LOVES soccer. He plays all the time (when it's not raining, or snowing, or cold). Lucky for him his twin brother likes to play too, so there's always someone to play opposite of. Oh, and Noah was crazy excited for the earthquake drill yesterday. Van's handwriting is still terrible! And by terrible, I mean, even he can't read his own handwriting. He can do it if he slows down, but getting him to slow down is the problem. Love that kid, but he's always thinking of what's next, not what's in front of him. Marlee finally has her own room again. She's in heaven. And she has another fieldtrip this week. Elijah is Elijah. He's just a happy kid. Except for last night when I threw out the last half of his pb & j that had sat out ALL DAY LONG. He cried and cried and cried some more. Than he stopped and went in the kitchen to eat his dinner. At least that's what I had thought. Wrong. He pulled his half eaten pb & j out of the garbage and was just ready to eat it. Luckily I walked in and stopped him before he took a bite. Then he cried and cried, and cried some more. (I'm such a mean mom.)

Here's a couple of pics from Easter. Enjoy.

Miss Marlee

yellow tie = Noah. red tie = Van

there, that's better.

Noah, Elijah, Vance, and Marlee